Randomized Dungeons and Delightfully Dumb Minigames

Trails into Reverie has a lot of optional content, from challenging dungeon delves to minigames, which we didn’t know. The upcoming RPG’s main draw is its story, which is an epilogue to the Trails of Cold Steel series, but Falcom clearly put a lot of effort into making this a celebration of its massive series.

True Reverie Corridor lets you choose from over 50 playable characters to fight in random dungeons with tough battles and good rewards. This will let us fully explore Trails’ turn-based combat system, which we love.

Minigames, too. Some are silly, like riding a banana boat and splitting watermelons, but others are more serious, like in-universe quizzes and Vantage Master, the collectible card game from Cold Steel III and IV. You can battle mechs!

Trails into Reverie releases on July 7, but will you join Class VII and the SSS on this all-star adventure?