Sony Veteran Says AI Improves Game Development

The AI debate won’t end anytime soon. AI technology is advancing so quickly that it’s hard to imagine a future without it in creative processes, especially game development.

PlayStation veteran Shuhei Yoshida, Head of Independent Developer Initiative, is optimistic about AI. Yoshida told The Guardian that technology is changing the industry.

“I was going through 15 pitches in a Japanese indie competition this morning, and one of them had amazing beautiful graphics made by a small team of students,” Yoshida says. They created the art using Midjourney, the AI art generator. That a few young people can make a stunning game is powerful. AI could create interesting animations, behaviors, and program debugging in the future.

AI may reduce developers’ workloads, but could it lead to job losses? Is this particularly slippery? Yoshida disagrees: “It is a tool. The tool must be used.”

“AI can produce very strange things,” he says. You must master the tool. Game developers will learn differently with AI, but they will create more beautiful and efficient games. Using these future tools may eliminate the need to learn programming. “Creativity and direction are more important.”

Thus, Yoshida considers AI’s practicality. We can see the logic in using it as a tool if it aids creativity. If an AI-integrated future is inevitable, this is a healthy perspective.

You think? Is Yoshida right? Should developers use AI, or does it quickly become muddy?