JUMANJI is Coming to PS5, PS4 in November

Outright Games, a family-friendly publisher, is working with Sony Pictures Entertainment on a PS5 and PS4 sequel to third-person shooter JUMANJI: The Video Game, which received mixed reviews. The newly announced JUMANJI: Wild Adventures, due out on November 3, resembles classic Crash Bandicoot in some scenes.

It’s another co-op game with The Rock and Kevin Hart. The press release states that players will have to work together to find The Jewel of Jumanji, a mysterious artifact that will lead them home.

This game will have a “vast world to explore, including uncharted jungles, forgotten villages, and icy mountains,” four times larger than its predecessor. You can play solo, but local co-op seems to be the focus. The new Jumanji movie isn’t coming out this year, so the game has to stand alone.