Disney Speedstorm’s Toy Story Season Adds Racers, Tracks, and Game Modes

Gameloft announced Disney Speedstorm’s “To Infinity and Beyond” season. This one is about Toy Story and has new features.

New racers lead this time. From season two, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Bo Peep will race, joined by Steamboat Mickey and Steamboat Pete in Time Limited Events.

To continue the Toy Story theme, ‘Andy’s Room’ was added. You’ll race around a miniature track past huge everyday objects.

‘Colour Match’ and ‘Follow the Leader’ conclude this. In the former, you must pick up coloured boxes around the track that match your current skill box—driving into your colour will boost you, while picking up the wrong one will stun you. ‘Follow the Leader’ is clearer. To get a lot of manual boost, stay in the person’s slipstream.

Visit Disney Speedstorm for more information on these new features.

We enjoyed the chaotic racing and creative courses in our Switch review, but the Nintendo console’s performance was a major issue.