EA Splits “EA Entertainment” From “EA Sports”

Electronic Arts announced today that it will split its studios into EA Entertainment and EA Sports.

CEO Andrew Wilson said this “evolution” gives studio leaders “creative ownership and financial accountability to make faster and more insightful decisions” about development and other areas.

President Laura Miele will oversee many of EA’s key studios. Vince Zampella will lead Apex Legends, Star Wars, and Battlefield IP studios, Samantha Ryan lifestyle and solo blockbuster franchises, and Jeff Karp mobile.

EA Sports president Cam Weber oversees the company’s sports games. Stuart Canfield is Chief Financial Officer, and David Tinson is Chief Experiences Officer, developing and scaling EA services.

EA Entertainment and EA Sports report to the CEO, CPO, and COO.

Andrew Wilson said EA’s business “remains strong” and the company is excited to bring “more amazing games and experiences” to more people worldwide.