WayForward’s Game Boy Color Classic ‘Xtreme Sports’ Hits Switch This August

WayForward, developer of Shantae, will release the “classic action-sports-RPG” Xtreme Sports on the Switch eShop on August 10 to celebrate its anniversary.

North American-exclusive Game Boy Color game Xtreme Sports debuted in 2000. In 2014, the 3DS Virtual Console re-released it in PAL regions.

“It’s an XTREME anniversary: Xtreme Sports, featuring five XTREME events including surfing, skyboarding, and street luge, was released 23 years ago today on Game Boy Color! This classic action-sports-RPG will be arriving August 10 on Nintendo Switch!”

WayForward calls this a “stand-alone purchase” of the original GBC game with “few extras and enhancements”. In Xtreme Sports, players skateboard and street luge to set records.

Xtreme Sports will be released physically by Limited Run Games. “In production” with a TBD shipping date.