The Switch Remake Announcement “Very Surprised” Super Mario RPG Director

Super Mario RPG for Switch was the biggest Nintendo Direct surprise. Updated 3D graphics and cinematics remake Square’s 1996 RPG.

Chihiro Fujioka, one of the original directors of this classic, was as surprised as fans were by this announcement. Fujioka told a fan on social media he wasn’t involved in this updated version and was “very surprised” but “incredibly pleased” by the announcement.

Fujioka said he was “looking forward” to the game’s November 17 release, so he may play it.

Fujioka stated in a February interview that he would like to make a Super Mario RPG sequel, possibly his last. He told YouTube channel MinnMax:

Chihiro Fujioka: “Yeah, I would absolutely love to make one…yeah, so in my career, I’ve been involved in a lot of games and I would really like my final one to be another Mario RPG game, if possible…”

Our previous story covers Fujioka’s game idea. Fujioka led AlphaDream, best known for the Mario and Luigi series, after Super Mario RPG.