DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue Brings Switch Action Platforming And Music Mayhem

Two DreamWorks games arrive in one day after years of waiting. GameMill Entertainment has also announced DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue for the Switch, joining DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing.

This Petit Fabrik game is based on the Trolls movies and takes you on an original adventure through those cinematic fantasy lands. You can play as Poppy, Branch, or a custom troll to stop a “melodic mastermind” who threatens the world’s musical harmony.

Remix Rescue will include a lot of film music and rhythm-based minigames to get trolls tapping. We don’t have a trailer yet, but the following information and screenshots give a preview.

Key Game Features
– Play as the Trolls: Choose from fan-favourite characters: Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond and more, on a magical journey across the Trolls Kingdom.
– Customize a Troll: Players can create, customise, and play as their own Troll with a variety of hairstyles, facial features, outfits and more!
– Learn the Art of Hair-Jitsu: Players can use their Trolls’ hair to whip it at enemies, twirl it to rise up and hover like a helicopter, and use it to grab, carry, swing, throw, and smash objects along an exciting quest.​
– Musical Mayhem: Compete to the beat in rhythm-based mini-games while solving fun and challenging environmental puzzles to unlock special new items and abilities.
– Share the Fun with Friends: Play solo or together with friends in local co-op for up to four players.
– Move to the Beat of the Trolls: The game soundtrack features music from DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls film franchise, such as “Get Back Up Again”, “Hair Up”, and more!


Trolls Remix Rescue has no release date, but fans can pre-order the base game for £39.99. A later digital deluxe edition will add bonus content for music lovers.