Technical Analysis of Red Dead Redemption on Switch by Digital Foundry

After Red Dead Redemption’s Switch release, Digital Foundry has released its full technical analysis to see how it performs.

The Switch version is more capable than the 2010 Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release and comparable to the PlayStation 4 version, according to the video. Resolution is native 1080p in docked mode and 720p in handheld mode, which is about as good as the Switch can get.

Higher resolution than the original release makes environments look cleaner with fewer jagged edges and blurry visuals. However, the Switch version only has one motion blur option, which is better than the default but less capable than the PS4’s ‘FSR 2′ toggle.

Performance is mostly locked at 30fps, as you probably expected. It drops to the high 20s when you arrive at the Armadillo saloon at night or during a chaotic Ridgewood Farm gunfight. Even in Undead Nightmares’ more intense battles, performance is generally good.

That concludes! You can watch the video above for more information, or read our review below, which calls Red Dead Redemption “a straightforward port of 2010’s masterpiece with no added bells or whistles for a rather high price tag”.