Animal Crossing Fan Visits All New Horizons Artwork IRL

Nothing like healthy content to start the week, huh? Today, @mayplaystv revealed his completed mission to visit every Animal Crossing: New Horizons artwork in person.

Mayuren Naidoo, a UK-based content creator, completed the challenge and uploaded a video of the 43 ACNH artwork to prove it. He officially finished last month, but today’s video seems like a fitting ‘victory lap’.

This year-long mission to 17 cities on three continents was an adventure. Traveling as a Nintendo fan? Look no further…

Naidoo has documented his journey on TikTok, where he shows the art and holds up a custom amiibo card of his New Horizons avatar for good measure—the Animal Crossing art world is full of fakes.

Congratulations to Naidoo on this amazing task—Blather will be impressed. We put our passports where?