Next Month, Switch Gets Cozy Sandbox Worldbuilder ‘My Little Universe’ Demo

Developer Estoty and publisher SayGames announced that Switch will get the cozy worldbuilder My Little Universe on October 5. New Nintendo console local co-op demos are also laying the groundwork.

This one lets you build your own civilization by using your pickaxe to create new land, harvest materials, or explore the world’s mysteries (did someone say ‘dungeons’?). You’ll farm and fight some nasty enemies as you build your universe.

The basic visual style works well with the small hexagonal islands you have to shape into continents because it keeps things clean. With co-op mode to help divide tasks, this could be a relaxing way to kill time (with some monster fights).

Here are some screenshots and more information about the game.

9 mythical worlds and 65+ different dungeons, from mythology-inspired lands to hostile alien worlds await you and your friends. Filled with wonder and plunder, challenges and adversaries, your task is to restore these beautiful worlds to their former glory!

The worlds are filled with rich minerals ready to be harvested by your trusty tools, and mythical artifacts of untapped power guarded by powerful foes. Use more than 70 different gatherable resources to recreate lands long lost to a mysterious threat.

The universe won’t be restored that easily, and each challenge requires the proper tools for the job. Equipped with your trusty pickaxe, sharp sword, and sturdy axe, you’ll be thrown against 150+ different adversaries including mythical creatures, alien horrors, and even demigods!

With each planet comes new challenges and because of that, you have to stay prepared by upgrading to the newest and freshest tools, which will always keep you one step ahead of your opponents! Improve your weapon, tools, and armor up to 30+ levels!

Just Enjoy The Adventure.
Get entranced by the game’s cozy atmosphere, enjoy the relaxing soundtrack, and fall in love with the simplistic yet charismatic visuals. After all, it’s all about the journey and the friends we make along the way!

My Little Universe will cost $14.99 / €14.99 on the Switch eShop on October 5. Pre-orders begin on September 21 and the game is 10% off until October 12.