Switch Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition “Actual File Size” Revealed

Borderlands 3 hit the Nintendo Switch today after years of classification board leaks. All DLC is included in the Ultimate Edition.

Following online confusion about this version’s file size, the official Borderlands social media account has provided the “exact breakdown” of why the physical packaging’s “62 GB” claim is inaccurate. Full rundown:

“Actual file size isĀ 23.5 GB. We had to submit a file size at packaging time but kept working to optimize it. Exact breakdown:”

Total: 23.5 GB
Base game: 8.5 GB
DLC: 15 GB

“Borderlands 3 on Nintendo Switch is set up so that all DLC can be installed individually, where you can choose what to add to your game. Now go out there and make some mayhem!”

The total file size is 23.5 GB, and DLC updates can be installed separately. We’ll update you on developments.