Gothic’s First Switch Update Improves Quality-of-Life

Gothic Classic, a fantasy ARPG for Nintendo Switch, released last month.

THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes released the first patch for this version of the game, which includes fixes and improvements. The rundown:

October 16, 2023: Gothic Classic Switch Patch 1.

  • Fix for Black Goblins not moving
  • Ladders fixed
  • Fix for bugs with NPCs floating and walking in the air
  • Script: Cor Calom is casting sleep too fast when lockpicking his chest
  • Script: Fix for Snipes attacking Nameless hero when opening Aarons chest
  • If the Nameless One is defeated he loses his weapon. It falls out of NPCs and NPCs can pick it up.
  • Fix for looting stacked items
  • The Chromanin quest can now be completed.
  • When restarting a save, quick access items retain their correct quantity.
  • Fixes for bow fighting
  • Characters no longer get stuck running on tables.
  • UI: Item scale and FOV fixed (rings are now correctly displayed in the inventory)
  • No map image in map menu fixed
  • Fixed trading rounding error when transferring multiple items
  • Fixed all cases of incorrect behaviour when trading
  • Fixed for NPC freezing in ranged weapon mode when loading a savegame
  • Fix for using of the lute and horn out of the inventory
  • Fixed a bug when sprinting
  • Fixed display of bleeding.
  • Fixed an exploit with multiplying fire damage.
  • Spell title drawing fixed.
  • Magic circle drawing fixed.
  • Fist drawing fixed
  • Script: Fix for Lester not having the correct dialogues at the mountain fort
  • Script: Fix for Diegos dialogue bugging out when killing enemies prematurely on his focus quest
  • Script: Fixed a quest blocker with Thorus


  • Spell title is displayed at the top of the Magic circle UI
  • FOV improved for widescreen resolutions
  • Disabling Sneak mode is now also called via B
  • Added correct scaling of dialog windows in handheld and screen mode.
  • Localization corrections have been made.
  • Corrections have been made to display rain.
  • Camera mode legend added.
  • Added new map design and focus.
  • Throw item action implemented in Inventory.
  • UI of dialog boxes has been corrected.