Must-Play Tactical RPG Wargroove 2 Gets Another Switch Update

Wargroove 2 hit Switch last month and is great. Nintendo Life gave the sequel a 9/10, calling it a brilliant tactics game.

After receiving “initial feedback” from players, Robotality and Chucklefish released an update for the Switch version. The game’s multiplayer and other modes will receive larger updates.

The latest Version 1.2.3 has many fixes:

Changelog Version 1.2.3
– Fixed softlock that could occur at the end of “Perfectly Natural”
– Fixed softlock if you had more than one Commander present at the end of a Conquest.
– Fixed crash that could occur during “High Noon”
– Fixed crash that could occur when the twin’s groove despawned
– Fixed a crash when spectating a game that finishes
– Fixed a crash on double clicking on Campaign selection screen
– Fixed crash when a unit was blocking Koji during optional objective sequence in “Cry for Help”
– Fixed issue that could cause player to lose during “Perfectly Natural” even though they should’ve won
– Fixed issue that could cause random unit disappearing when the twin’s groove despawned
– Fixed an issue that caused trigger actions to not be scrollable in the editor when using controllers
– Multiplayer Map: Harmonious Hideout now has both parties with trebuchets enabled
– Fixed bug that caused bonus star not to be applied in “A Great Fall”
– Fixed pointer arrow not disappearing in “…” mission during Dark Skies campaign
– Fixed player wrongly being awarded optional objective in “Capn’ Sourcheeks” when they have not succeeded in achieving this
– Fixed a bug that caused Phil & Cylinder not fading in properly during a cutscene
– Fixed optional objective not being awarded in “Return to Eight-Arm Bay”
– Fixed spelling error in the objective of “Return to Eight-Arm Bay”
– Fixed asterisk in Pirate Harpoon Ship Entry
– Fixed Shosa’s name label during cutscene
– Added a bunch of backgrounds and assets to the cutscene editor that appear in the campaign
– Commander-less factions are now available in the editor to use
– Fixed a missing objective string in “…” during the Dark Skies campaign
– Fixed a rouge pixel in the road tileset assets
– Fixed an issue that made some selections in multiplayer settings hard to navigate with a controller
– Fixed visual defects in the castle of “Cry for Help”
– Fix crash bug that occurred when using Wulfar’s supercharged groove in Fog of War
– Fixed a softlock that could occur in “A Great Fall”
– Fixed UI location still being visible at the end of “A Great Fall”
– Fixed crash that could occur with Kraken’s tentacle ability
– Elodie can no longer target tentacles with her groove.
– Frog AI will now respect Fog of War
– Conquest: Fixed wrong tile info visible in some merchant events
– Conquest: All towers now have 4 tiles for spawning air troopers.
– Conquest: Fixed issue that caused Caesar’s movement buff in supercharged groove to stay past current level
– Conquest: Fixed mages spawning outside the map’s border in certain maps

The team is already planning future updates, including the next patch, so stay tuned. This update follows Nintendo Switch Version 1.2.2 from earlier this month.