Enix Teases Another Dragon Quest Announcement

Dragon Quest X offline trailers on YouTube made news this week, and now Square Enix producer and director Yosuke Saito looks to be promising something.

The Eurogamer translation of a social media post says he had a “fun recording session” at work and would tell more once it’s finalized and approved. A photo of a script in this post excites admirers.

While most of the front cover is blurred, zooming in reveals some text on the page behind it. A Reddit member named ‘Pavementt’ used the “zoom and enhance” method and claims to see Yuji Horii’s name (the series creator) and part of a December date, suggesting an announcement of “some sort” is imminent.

Fans speculate and request it online, but its purpose is unknown. Square Enix is still working on Dragon Quest XII and III. DQX offline localization is also being considered.