My Sandrock Experience Gets Major Update, Here Are The Patch Notes

After its Switch release on November 2, 2023, Pathea Games released an extensive patch for My Time at Sandrock.

We reported several technical issues at launch in our review of the game, and while this patch won’t fix everything, it will at least address many of them.

Let’s examine what’s included:

Critical Issues Fixed:

 Fixed an issue where pressing the L Pad in backpack, shops etc. for item description would occasionally stop working.
– Fixed issues with NPCs not moving their mouth in dialog and cutscenes

Important Issues Fixed:

 Higher resolution for item images and many other elements in UI
– Partial fix to reduce pop-ins of larger objects as player encounters them in map
– Better FPS in numerous dungeons and mini-maps


 Increased resolution for key object textures
– 179 bugs were fixed across broad categories
– Game logic
– NPC behavior
– Improved Texture Resolution
– Numerous User Interface Improvements
– Exception Situations

Pathea Games should keep releasing patches to improve the game’s performance in the coming weeks and months. The team also announced a My Time at Portia patch to speed up load times and frame rates before its release.