Switch Gets ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ Action RPG This Week

On November 16, 2023, the Nintendo eShop will release ‘the best RPG you’ve never heard about’, an action RPG.

The PC version of ASTLIBRA Revision has 18,182 user reviews and ‘overwhelmingly positive’ feedback, despite the above trailer. The game will launch at £19.49, but pre-orders before November 16th will save 20%, bringing it down to £15.59.

The gameplay looks smooth and there are lots of tasty numbers, so we’re in. Though we don’t like the graphics or animation, this game seems to thrive on its gameplay and story.

Key information from the eShop page:

Travel Through Unfamiliar Worlds – Explore a vast, dangerous, yet beautiful world. Broken up through multiple chapters, join the protagonist and Karon, his talking bird companion, as they confront time and fate.

Back to The Golden Age Of JRPGs, with Side-scrolling Action –
 Slashing, Smashing, thrusting countless enemies while building up stamina for powerful Possession Skills, which are enough to melt away anything that blocks your way, including huge bosses that could take half, or even more of the screen. Fight aggressively while thinking strategically, always pick up the most trust worthy equipment, and select the best suited skills to deal with ever changing circumstances.

Fight God-Like Boss Battles – Battle ferocious bosses throughout the story, each with their own set of attacks and challenges. Upgrading abilities and acquiring new skills are vital to finishing each battle and progressing through the protagonist’s story.