‘The Rumble Fish’ Gets a Better Switch Release

After The Rumble Fish 2, 3Goo and Dimps Corporation will release The Rumble Fish+ for the Nintendo Switch on December 20.

This 2004 fighting game will return with online player-versus-player action, rollback netcode, a training mode with CPU recording, and playback. The cinematic trailer and backstory of this classic fighter are above:

It is the end of the 20th century… A large-scale natural disaster struck the eastern area of a nation. It wiped out the financial sector and resulted in a staggering loss of life.

At the dawn of the 21st century, the conglomerate PROBE-NEXUS, commonly known as Probe, began reconstruction efforts in that eastern area. Colossal capital and cutting-edge technology were poured into rebuilding it. Skyscrapers that put the old high-rises to shame along with the world’s biggest shopping mall and recreational facilities. This was the dazzling birth of a symbol for the new century. It was christened Zone Prime.

And now, in an undeveloped sector of its western block, there was an area known as the slums…

Limited Run Games released a physical collector’s edition of The Rumble Fish 2 on Switch with a port. It was unavailable separately at the time.