Devolver’s Relaxing Environmental Strategy Game ‘Terra Nil’ Launches Next Week

Terra Nil, an environmental strategy game-meets-city builder, will launch on Switch on December 18 from Devolver Digital and Free Lives.

Terra Nil, a “chill, meditative twist on the city-builder genre,” requires you to turn procedurally-generated wastelands into lush ecological biomes. You can plant trees, create rivers, and purify soil before leaving without a trace.

The game launched on PC earlier this year and has over 4,000 ‘Very Positive’ Steam reviews. It looks relaxing and strategic, which is good for a game about the planet’s collapse.

The following summary and screenshots explain Terra Nil:

Tackle a variety of replayable procedurally generated biomes—including volcanic glaciers, ruined cities, and tropical islands—each with their own uniquely challenging climate, geology, flora, and fauna. Then when you’ve completed all 4 regions, challenge yourself further with unlockable alternate levels. Create rainforests, swamps, rivers, and more, and watch as the dry, cracked surface of a dead world suddenly explodes with life and colour

Terra Nil will release its meditative planet-saving game on Switch in less than a week.
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