Disney Illusion Island Releases Free ‘Keeper Up’ Update This Week

Mickey Mouse returned this year in Disney Illusion Island, a stunning 2D platformer. In a recent update, Disney Games and Dlala Studios announced that Switch exclusive owners will receive free new content.

The “fast-paced new experience” ‘Keeper Up’ launches this week on December 13, challenging players to beat the clock and show off their parkour skills with new challenges from the “Mavens of Monoth”. The PR provides more details:

“A group of ‘old Monoth’ enthusiasts who want to see if anyone knows how to navigate these lands better (and faster) than them. Upon entering a course, a timer will tick away as players scramble to grab collectibles through remixed areas of the world, making their way to the finish line in the best time possible.”

A quality-of-life update will include accessibility features, gallery unlocks, and a map update. For this update, this game costs $39.99 USD, £34.99, or the regional equivalent.