More than 4 million players joined Sea of Stars in 4 months

Sabotage Studio reports that over 4 million users have played Sea of Stars across all platforms since its August 29, 2023, launch. It’s important to note that this includes Xbox Game Pass figures, not copies sold, but 4 million is still a remarkable achievement.

On the official press release, game director Thierry Boulanger said:

Sea of Stars is the game of my dreams, and seeing its quest resonate so strongly with players and critics means the world to everyone at Sabotage. The team behind this game is the most talented and dedicated group I could have ever hoped to create Sea of Stars with, and I’m again reminded of their brilliance as we progress with creating Sea of Stars’ upcoming DLC, Throes of the Watchmaker.

“For fans to have recognized our adventure in such an incredibly prosperous year for RPGs alongside new arrivals from the genre’s biggest franchises … we simply just cannot thank you enough for supporting us, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next for Sea of Stars.”

We gave Sea of Stars a 9/10 because it “is an instant classic and a new high-water mark for modern retro-styled indies.”.