New skins, enemies, and more in Super Dungeon Maker’s Massive Update

Mega update for Super Dungeon Maker for Nintendo Switch adds many new features for dungeon creators.

Rokaplay’s May 2023 Super Dungeon Maker lets players build dungeons with bosses, secret rooms, traps, and more. This update will add new enemies, themes, skins, and cosmetics.

Let’s see what’s coming:

New Character Skin: Unleash the Knight in the realm.

New Diverse Dungeon Themes: Embark on adventures with five new themes, each featuring unique mechanics:

Film Set Theme

”So Many Me” Theme

Lava Theme

Tomb Theme

New Enemies: confront six new opponents:

Shieldforker (Forker with a shield)

Projeggslime (Slime with projectiles)

Sparkull (Fire Skull)

Homefly (Chasing Fly)

Reveton (Skeleton Chicken)

Hoohoo (Ghost Chicken)

New cosmetics: The latest visual addition: pets.

Creative Dungeon Enhancements:

Traps trigger hits and barrier switches for more creative dungeons.

Corn coins unlock corn gates. Golden Eggs can now be placed on different floors to explore more endings.

Hall of Fame Dungeon: High Tier Kickstarter backers present their unique and creative dungeons here.

Enhanced Gaming Experience: undergo a reworked undo system and improved controller functionality, allowing players to draw floor tiles much faster.