Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 ‘AcceleRacers Expansion Pack’ Launches This Week

This week, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged will release a new expansion pack for speed demons seeking thrills.

Milestone and Mattel announced AcceleRacers today, adding four new vehicles, several new environments, and two more customization sets.

Master four of the most iconic cars from the AcceleRacers animated series: the agile Chicane™ of Karma Eiss, the high-powered Rat-ified™ driven by Mitchell “Monkey” McClurg of the Metal Maniacs, the modern supercar-like Spine Buster™ of Mark Wylde, and of course, Vert’s stylish car.

The Acceledrome, a new location to discover, is the perfect setting to put the pedal to the die-cast aluminum with these brand-new rides. Inspired by the secret headquarters found in the AcceleRacers cartoon, players will speed across a large multi-level cave carved into the rock with the Wheel of Power lighting up the whole underground base. Finally, two customization sets featuring profile icons, card backgrounds, and tags are also available to racers with this expansion pack.

This expansion pack is included in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Deluxe and Legendary Editions and will be available separately on December 21.