Sega Sammy unveils the ‘Sega Fave Corporation’ as part of their organizational reorganization

A new entity called “Sega Fave” will be formed as a result of an organizational reorganization announced by Sega Sammy, the business behind Sega.

The amusement machine and toy businesses of Sega Corp. and Sega Toys will merge as a result of this. The official press release states that Yukio Sugino will serve as the president and representative director of this firm. View this reorganization here:

“SEGA FAVE” references “oshi-katsu,” cultural movements within Japan focused on supporting someone or something within popular culture (such as a pop idol or series), which often have a lot of events, merchandise, and brand collaborations associated.”

Sega Sammy’s transmedia strategy includes this reorganization of the corporation. It plans to use the same strategy—combining the qualities of each industry under one banner—to further improve its primary intellectual properties (IPs) after achieving substantial success with Sonic the Hedgehog across games, animation, merchandise, licensing, and other ventures.