Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown developer expresses strong interest in creating a game similar to Zelda

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has finally arrived and has swiftly garnered praise from a wide range of players. The Ubisoft Montpellier team’s impressive track record naturally sparked speculation about their next project, and it appears that the developers themselves have ambitious aspirations.

Last week, Christophe Pic (world director) and Rémi Boutin (senior game designer) held an ‘Ask Us Anything’ chat on the r/metroidvania Reddit forum. They were bombarded with questions about the game, its inspirations, and its significance to the Prince of Persia series. Let’s dive into the insights they shared.

The Gamer recently posed an interesting question: If given the opportunity to create a game for an IP that you have never had access to, such as Mario or Final Fantasy, which IP would you choose and what type of game would you develop? Boutin’s response is so intriguing that we can’t help but be interested.

Personally, I would LOVE to work with the Zelda IP. Maybe a strange spin-off based on Adventure of Link?  (and of course Castlevania)

Oh, a Zelda spin-off, huh? So, it seems we’re talking about the not-so-well-received side-scrolling installment in the series, huh? Alright, we’re all ears…

Without a doubt, this is by no means a definitive confirmation (as if anyone could resist the allure of creating a Zelda game?), but it’s an idea that has sparked our imagination, pondering the sheer brilliance of such a concept. I am absolutely thrilled by the prospect of experiencing The Lost Crown’s combat and movement mechanics within the captivating world of Hyrule. Count me in!

During the Switch generation, Nintendo has shown a willingness to collaborate with third-party studios, such as Ubisoft for the Mario + Rabbids games. This raises the possibility of a Zelda II dream becoming a reality, although it may still seem unlikely.

In response to the question, Christophe Pic offered a unique perspective, sharing his ambitious vision of combining the beloved Bubble Bobble with the challenging world of Dark Souls. Which response appears to be more implausible now?