EA remains tight-lipped about the possibility of a successor to the Nintendo Switch, but acknowledges that enhanced platforms can have positive implications for their business

Electronic Arts has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the Switch generation. With the impending release of the next iteration of Nintendo hardware, gamers are eagerly anticipating what this video game giant has in store for us.

During an earnings call, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson was tight-lipped when asked about the anticipated launch of Nintendo’s upcoming system. He made it clear that he couldn’t provide any insights on unannounced projects. However, Wilson expressed his enthusiasm for the arrival of new hardware and the potential for enhanced power.

In the past two decades, advancements in hardware have brought about significant improvements in CPU, GPU, memory, battery life, and screen resolutions. This has enabled EA to enhance the level of “immersion” in their popular franchises such as Apex Legends, Battlefield, and Madden. According to him, this is beneficial not just for the gaming communities but also for businesses.

Although Nintendo has yet to make an official announcement regarding a potential successor to the Switch, rumors and insights from analysts have been circulating for quite some time. Yesterday, EA made it clear that The Sims 4 will not be coming to the Switch, despite earlier speculation about a possible Nintendo version.