Square Enix will assimilate its subsidiary, Tokyo RPG Factory, along with all of its assets

Square Enix established Tokyo RPG Factory about ten years ago with the intention of capturing the spirit of the cherished era of classic role-playing games. After the release of three games—I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear, and Oninaki—the subsidiary has been merged with its parent company and will no longer exist as a separate entity.

Essentially, the company has been dissolved, although Square Enix is presenting it as a merger, where it is the sole surviving entity. It’s no surprise that Tokyo RPG Factory fell short of replicating the charm of the RPGs it aimed to emulate. As a result, they released a series of mediocre titles.

I Am Setsuna received a respectable 7/10 rating when it first came out, but both Lost Sphear and Oninaki failed to impress, earning a score no higher than 6/10. Although each of the three titles had its own merits, none of them managed to truly shine in a saturated market. It appears that Square Enix was hesitant to pursue a fourth title, which ultimately led to the studio’s dissolution.