Sonic Superstars is offering a complimentary Shadow costume to commemorate the release of ‘Sonic X Shadow Generations’

During Sony’s ‘State of Play’ live stream, Sega revealed Sonic X Shadow Generations, a remastered version of Sonic Generations that includes a new story campaign centered around Shadow.

In light of this announcement, Sega is offering a complimentary item in its newest multiplayer game, Sonic Superstars. Starting on February 15th, 2024, players will have the opportunity to acquire the Shadow Costume. This feature will be available at no cost to all players and can be easily utilized within the game’s Story Mode.

“In support of today’s reveal ofSonic X Shadow Generations, on February 15, SEGA will release the Shadow Costume for Sonic in Sonic Superstars™ across all supported platforms. The costume will be free for all Sonic Superstars players and can be equipped when playing in Story Mode.