Shin chan: Shiro Of Coal Town appears stunning in the latest trailer

Recalling the September 2023 Nintendo Direct, one might not easily recall the unveiling of Shin Chan: Shiro of Coal Town. What is the reason behind this? Since it was only showcased in Japan,. However, that didn’t deter publisher Neos from confirming a Western release back then, and it certainly doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm to witness the unveiling of today’s fresh trailer.

This sequel to the 2022 release Shin Chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation has yet to be announced for a Western release date (it will be available in Japan on February 22nd). However, we are satisfied with the stunning trailers, like the one provided above, that are being released gradually, keeping us intrigued until more details are revealed.

In this sequel, players will once again embark on a journey through stunning landscapes, engaging in activities such as bug-catching, fishing, and simply enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. In addition to the central mystery of the ‘Coal Town’, there is a suspicious character with a Dali-like appearance. It’s hard to trust someone with a mustache like that, isn’t it?

For more details on what this Shin Chan sequel has in store, check out our original coverage below. And, naturally, we’ll be eagerly awaiting news of a potential Western release date in the months to come (although it’s worth noting that there was a significant delay between the Japanese and Western launches of its predecessor, so patience will be key).