Sakurai acknowledges the conclusion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate development

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has had quite an extensive development cycle, with the team not only marking the game’s initial launch but also delivering numerous updates and DLC fighters over the course of five years.

With the arrival of the Sora (Kingdom Hearts) amiibo, game director Masahiro Sakurai has expressed his gratitude on social media towards the team for their dedication in bringing this latest release to life. He also acknowledges that this marks the end of their work on Ultimate. Finally, it’s complete!

Allow me to present to you a translation, courtesy of DeepL:

Masahiro Sakurai: Sora’s amiibo is available today! Thank you so much to everyone involved (I think it’s awesome). The original design is perfect, and the coloring is precise and perfect. The modeling and poses are good.

Now that all the fighters have been converted into amiibo, the work on “Smash Bros. SP” has finally come to an end.

Smash Bros. is reaching its final stages, but it has recently been updated with fresh spirits and events to commemorate the game’s fifth anniversary. The Sora amiibo is now available, and the game has been updated to Version 13.0.2 to include support for this amiibo.