Nintendo targets Yuzu, a Switch emulator, in a recent lawsuit

Nintendo is known for its firm stance against video game piracy and is currently pursuing legal action against the developers of the Switch emulator Yuzu.

According to Stephen Totilo of Game File, the Japanese video game company famous for popular titles such as Super Mario and Zelda has accused the Yuzu developers of “illegally” bypassing Nintendo software encryption and enabling piracy. According to reports, the Yuzu team reportedly obtained Switch games from a compromised unit and duplicated them, leading Nintendo to accuse them of DMCA and copyright infringement.

Last year’s Switch release, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, was used as an example of damage by the game publisher and developer. They highlighted that one million copies of the game were downloaded before its official launch, and the support for Yuzu’s Patreon doubled during the same period. Nintendo is now seeking to shut down the emulator.