Reports claiming that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy will only be available on PlayStation are not accurate

Update: The writer of the initial piece from The Washington Post has provided clarification that the full Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy may not be entirely exclusive to PlayStation. The article was updated following our initial report.

Well, that concludes that particular experience.

Original Story: The Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy was always going to be exclusive to PlayStation consoles, but it was generally assumed that the games could end up on other consoles down the line, alongside the inevitable PC ports. However, Sony has recently intervened to prevent that from occurring.

According to The Washington Post (paywall), three titles—Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and Final Fantasy 7 Whatever It Ends Up Being Called—are confirmed as console exclusives on PlayStation. Simply put, they are unlikely to appear on Xbox or future Nintendo platforms unless Sony’s stance changes drastically.

“Final Fantasy has consistently been a cornerstone franchise on PlayStation consoles,” stated third-party executive Christian Svensson. “Square Enix is known for consistently exceeding their fans’ high expectations and showcasing the full potential of PlayStation hardware.”

Sony clearly values the trilogy and has put significant effort into promoting the first two games. Final Fantasy 16 is currently a PS5 exclusive, but a PC port is in the works. One cannot help but wonder if PlayStation will also select upcoming Final Fantasy projects.

Sony has heavily relied on third-party deals this generation, while its first-party PlayStation Studios work behind the scenes. This move to secure the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy signifies a significant step towards enhancing third-party support.

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