The Fire Emblem Engage “Limited Edition” Soundtrack has been released in Japan

Attention, Fire Emblem enthusiasts! Nintendo and Intelligent Systems recently released the official Fire Emblem Engage “limited edition” soundtrack in Japan. It features a substantial collection of discs.

The regular edition, priced at approximately $49.00 USD, includes seven CDs that feature the captivating soundtrack from the main game and DLC. Additionally, it comes with a DVD that contains voice data and other immersive sound effects. The talented character designer Mika Pikazo has created stunning case artwork with exquisite craftsmanship.

The limited edition, priced at around $79.00, comes with a variety of additional bonuses, such as a replica ring. Here’s the scoop (via GoNintendo):

Digipack case (with jacket illustration drawn by MikaPikazo)
– Clear case
– Full color booklet (20 pages)
– a replica of Marth’s Emblem Ring
– a display stand inspired by the Ring Chamber from the game
– 4 postcards which can be displayed on the Original Soundtrack album’s clear case

Regrettably, this product is currently exclusive to the Japanese market, leaving potential buyers outside of Japan with limited options. One possible solution would be to explore import retailers or websites. We’ll keep you informed if there are any updates regarding a potential global release.