Gripping, Viral Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mechanic Spreading to Player’s Pawns

There have been reports of a puzzling ailment affecting the Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the AI companions that players create. These reports are slowly starting to surface. This menacing ailment is referred to as dragonsplague, and those afflicted will display eyes that emit an eerie red glow, incoherent speech, defiance, and heightened aggression. Allowing someone to join your party can have devastating, long-lasting effects on your virtual universe and unintentionally impact other players. This situation is constantly changing. Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for Dragon’s Dogma 2!

As per IGN, it’s currently impossible to determine if a pawn is infected before recruiting them in the raid, where the pawns of other players congregate. However, the aforementioned signs will become apparent soon after hiring. If not properly managed, taking a break at an inn can lead to the infected pawn undergoing a dramatic transformation into a formidable shadow dragon, wreaking havoc on the settlement and potentially eliminating some valuable non-playable characters. It seems quite strict to us (if you’ll excuse the pun), but it’s a really awesome addition to an already captivating, evolving game.

Dealing with dragonsplague is a breeze, as long as your pawn isn’t infected and you’re able to recognize the early warning signs. When you come across a pawn that the mechanic affects, a tutorial box will appear. From then on, you’ll have a few in-game days to dismiss them and solve the problem. Make sure to rest in an inn if you want to trigger the dragon cutscene. Just tough it out until you figure it out.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply let go of your pawn. Therefore, if your trusted companion falls ill, you will need to take more extreme measures. The dedicated Dragon’s Dogma 2 community has so far found that drowning dragonsplague is the most effective solution. Immerse your pawn in a vast expanse of water, purging them of any ailments, and then bring them back using a riftstone, completely untainted.

Drew this little PSA poster
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What are your thoughts on this unexpected surprise for Dragon’s Dogma 2? Will you log on right away to check your pawns for any suspicious indications? Please provide the names and occupations of the infected individuals in the comments section below.