Corn Kidz 64 is set to bring the nostalgic charm of N64-inspired 3D platforming to the Nintendo Switch this April

If you’re in the mood for a new 3D platformer with a nostalgic N64 vibe, you won’t want to miss Corn Kidz 64. This exciting game is set to release on the Switch eShop on April 19th, 2024, and is priced at $6.99. Get ready for some epic gaming!

Diplodocus Games published the game after BogoSoft developed it. It has already garnered “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam. It claims to provide a genuine Nintendo 64 experience reminiscent of the ’90s, complete with a fantastic move set and a distinct sense of humor.

Here’s some additional information about Corn Kidz, straight from Nintendo’s official website. Feel free to check out the trailer (above).

“Follow the young goat Seve into his recurring dream, in which he meets his friend Alexis, who wants to help Seve break free from the dream. Corn Kids 64 is a 3d platformers that closely resembles the classics from the early 3d era. In a world full of secrets, Corn Kidz 64 lets you explore Seve’s dynamic moveset and meet various fun and unique characters. Evocative low poly graphics with various display options allow for an authentic 90s experience or a modern HD resolution.”

Diplodocus has also published several other games on the 64-bit Switch eShop, such as Super Kiwi 64, Toree 3D, Toree 2, and Macbat 64.