The latest DLC update for Crypt Of The NecroDancer introduces the beloved virtual pop star Hatsune Miku

Crypt of the NecroDancer recently received its highly anticipated Synchrony update, and Brace Yourself Games has excitingly announced the upcoming release of additional paid DLC.

The latest announcement introduces a collaboration with the renowned virtual idol Hatsune Miku. The content is already available on other platforms and will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch in the near future.

If you choose to give it a try, you’ll be treated to the addition of a fresh character (Hatsune Miku) and a brand new soundtrack showcasing 15 captivating Hatsune Miku songs. Brace Yourself Games has included a variety of new features, changes, and bug fixes in their latest update.

Here’s everything included, courtesy of the Steam game page:

Crypt of the NecroDancer: Hatsune Miku Update

New character

  • Hatsune Miku:
    • Move in all 8 directions; don’t stand still!
    • Dance through enemies to hit them with your trusty spring onion!
    • No shovel; dig by dashing through enemies into walls instead!
    • Charm monsters and shatter walls with your new ability: SING!
    • Land consecutive hits to deal increasing amounts of damage and regain SING charges!

New soundtrack

  • Hatsune Miku soundtrack:
    • Dance along to 15 Hatsune Miku songs added to the soundtrack, including two new tracks created by Danny Baranowsky!
    • Track list:
      • 1-1 (118 BPM): Too Real by Danny Baranowsky
      • 1-2 (128 BPM): Wonder Style by colate
      • 1-3 (150 BPM): SURVIVE (Foxsky Remix) by Umetora
      • 2-1 (128 BPM): Ten Thousand Stars by CircusP
      • 2-2 (138 BPM): Lucky Orb (Clean Tears Remix) by emon (Tes.)
      • 2-3 (150 BPM): UNDERWATER (Rexium Remix) by Hylen
      • 3-1 (130 BPM): Highlight by KIRA
      • 3-2 (142 BPM): Intergalactic Bound by CircusP & Yunosuke
      • 3-3 (160 BPM): Hello Builder by UtsuP
      • 4-1 (128 BPM): MikuFiesta by AlexTrip Sands
      • 4-2 (165 BPM): Can’t Make A Song!! by beat_shobon
      • 4-3 (172 BPM): Be Furious (Reno Remix) by Ocelot
      • 5-1 (138 BPM): sweety glitch by gaburyu & nyankobrq
      • 5-2 (150 BPM): Thousand Little Voices by Vault Kid & FlangerMoose
      • 5-3 (155 BPM): My One and Oni by Danny Baranowsky
    • When playing Hatsune Miku, this soundtrack is by default enabled.
      • It can be selected for other characters in single-player via the “Change Soundtrack” menu.
      • Due to differences in song speed and duration, using this soundtrack on other characters submits to the “Custom Music” leaderboards.
      • Achievements can still be unlocked while playing with the Miku soundtrack.

Compatibility notes

  • Playing as Hatsune Miku while hosting an online multiplayer session (SYNCHRONY) allows players without the DLC to join the lobby and play along on other characters.

New features

  • Added compatibility mode when joining online multiplayer lobbies hosted on older versions:
    • Any online multiplayer lobby hosted on v4.0.0 or above can be entered, even if the game is on a newer version.
    • Selecting “Cross-play” when hosting a multiplayer lobby may temporarily revert the game to a previous patch to allow players from other platforms to join.


  • Changed default multi-press combos for special actions (e.g. UP+LEFT for ITEM 1, etc.) to no longer apply to controllers
    • Multi-press combos for special actions can still be assigned manually via the “Reassign controls” menu by pressing two buttons at once


  • Fixed screen tearing on some systems
    • If you still experience tearing after this update, visit the “Display Options” menu and uncheck “Reduce Input Lag.”
  • Fixed high input latency on some systems
  • Fixed graphics corruption on some systems
  • Fixed button mappings resetting themselves after being unbound manually
  • Fixed music playback stuttering on some systems
  • Fixed Linka and GC CRAB character skins not being selectable
  • Fixed Reaper not being selectable as a skin for other characters when “Show all characters” is checked
  • Fixed “Uninstall” menu option not working on mods that were previously loaded in the same session
  • Fixed Shopkeeper Ghost continuing to sing after being defeated in online multiplayer