Fans bring back LawBreakers servers, and Cliffy B nods in agreement

When the company that made LawBreakers shut down because the game didn’t do well, many people thought that was the end of the gravity-defying first-person shooter. Cliff Blezinski, the founder of the studio that made Gears of War, swore he would never make another video game again because the whole thing was so scary. Now, years later, fans have brought back servers and even gotten the much-desired thumbs-up from Cliffy B for keeping the dream alive.

Eurogamer said that this revival is not an official release and has nothing to do with the now-defunct Boss Key or the publisher Nexon at the time. Playtests went well over the weekend for a project called “The RELB Project.” Blezinki’s Twitter boost helped with this.

More playtests are planned, and RELB’s stated project goals are not very high. “This is just a project to make LB playable for (hopefully) forever; this is not intended to take over LB; no new updates (at most balancing, but that’s already unlikely) will be made.”

Are you shocked that LawBreakers is back? Ratchet & Clank 2016 just got an update that added a new weapon. Something must be wrong with the way the planets and moons are lined up. Could this project eventually result in a monied interest in resurrecting the lost hero-shooter? Leave a comment below and let us know.