Atlus’ latest release, Snowboard Kids, has just received a brand new vinyl soundtrack

Fangamer has the next best thing for fans of Snowboard Kids, even though the game hasn’t made a return on modern platforms (at least yet).

Atlus recently took to social media to announce that the iconic soundtrack of this game, which first graced the N64 back in 1997/98, is now available for purchase on vinyl. The game is available for purchase at a price of $29 or its equivalent in your region.

The soundtrack features 17 tracks composed by the talented ‘Snowboard Kids Sound Team’ and is beautifully packaged with the original artwork from the game. Channel 3 Records also offers this vinyl in a different color variation.

“Includes 17 tracks by the Snowboard Kids Sound Team—Tomohiko Sato (Racjin Co., Ltd.) and Isao Kasai (Racjin Co., Ltd.)—on splatter vinyl, wrapped up in the original art from Snowboard Kids.”

presenting the complete track list along with another glimpse:

Side A Side B
1. Title 10. Grass Valley
2. Menu 11. Dizzy Land
3. Course and Board Select 12. Quicksand Valley
4. Board Shop 13. Silver Mt.
5. Race Start 14. Race Goal
6. Ninja Land 15. Results
7. Big Snowman 16. Skill Games
8. Sunset Rock 17. Ending
9. Night Highway

Fangamer has a history of offering Snowboard Kids merchandise, having previously released a variety of items such as t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, pins, hats, scarves, and more. In addition, it provides a range of products inspired by various Atlus games.