The HD-2D Remake of Dragon Quest 3 Re-Emerges for PS5

It seems that Square Enix is finally acknowledging the long-awaited HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest 3. But is there more to this announcement? A new trailer released to celebrate Dragon Quest Day hints at the start of a new legacy. However, it doesn’t explicitly mention Dragon Quest 3, leaving room for speculation that the entire trilogy might be receiving the re-release treatment.

It’s been three long years since we first caught a glimpse of Dragon Quest 3 running in Square Enix’s impressive HD-2D engine. Unfortunately, the project has been virtually nonexistent since then. It’s worth mentioning that the trailer only focuses on the PS5, even though the remake was initially announced for the PS4.

However, given the immense popularity of the classic Dragon Quest games and the recent success of HD-2D remakes such as Live A Live, this upcoming release is definitely worth keeping an eye on as more information becomes available.