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Kikuta Wants Your Art for His Newest Albums

Famed video game composer Hiroki Kikuta has two new albums, but no art for their covers. Under a newly-announced contest hosted by “RPG Maker” developer Degica Games, one artist will earn their work’s way onto the boxes of Kikuta’s latest albums – “The Fury” and “The Calm.” 【週刊ツクール】お待たせしましたコクラセ第3話がSteam配信開始!さらにRPGMakerWebでは、あの有名コンポーザーとのコラボコンテストが開催・・・!?https://t.co/wyVcsq8d8x pic.twitter.com/7FGIWlIJ1h — ゲームクリエイター@デジカ (@degica_game) December 16, 2016 ...

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