The cancellation of pre-orders is now possible on Steam

It’s generally best not to pre-order things. The marketing campaigns are designed so you only see the good aspects of a given game, and the nasty surprises are generally revealed after a launch. If you’re the type to read previews and reviews, you should be especially wary of throwing out money on pre-orders in general.

Still, there comes a time when everyone gets on the hype-train and gets carried away. And, with the ever increasing popularity of Steam, it’s even more easier to fall into such traps. After all, two clicks and your hard-earned cash has flown away on a game you’re not even sure you wanted. But fear not, Steam is here to save the day…sort of.

Up until now, pre-ordering on Steam meant that you could potentially get a refund, as long as you personally contacted customer service and then prayed that everything would go well and your money would be returned. Valve has simplified this process on Steam, adding the option for users to cancel Steam pre-orders with a simple click. You have a newly added “Refund an item” link, which will work as long as the game has not been officially released yet. No more customer support, no more hassle. The only thing left unclear is whether the funds are returned to your credit card (less likely) or into your Steam virtual wallet (more likely).

We still recommend waiting for games to release in general, and even though those special promised goodies might seem worth a pre-order, you’re basically gambling with your money on a product you know little about. Do you think this is a good direction for Steam?