Wildstar’s funny new trailer teases the game’s features

Unfortunately, the latest trailer for Wildstar doesn’t shed any light on when the beta-stage of the game opens up. Many fans have been waiting for the announcement for awhile now, but the folks at Carbine Studios just aren’t ready for that step yet. That’s not to say they don’t like to tease us, and they are doing a masterful job at creating new trailers for their upcoming MMORPG. This one is no exception, and it’s one of the funniest released to date. That’s a good thing too, considering that Wildstar is not only going to be a breath of fresh air in the MMORPG genre, it also brings some much needed comedy to the table.

The trailer features the Caretaker, one particularly disturbed, disturbing and sadistic AI, with a taste for the melodramatic. Besides threatening players with future promises of pain and agony, the Caretaker highlights the various landscapes and environments featured in Wildstar, and hints at the complex decision-making system incorporated in the game. It’s unclear if this flexible system will be limited to questing, the story-line or dungeons, but we’re glad it’s going to be a central part of the game.

A Human, an Aurin and a Granok walked into a bar…

The trailer also reveals that Wildstar will most likely contain various instances for group PvE, instanced that will dynamically change based on decisions players make. Rewards within these instances will also depend on the paths taken, and perhaps the Caretaker’s promise of destruction refers to an increase in difficulty if the player’s choices are not entirely good. The races of Wildstar can also be observed in the background, and we know of 8 races available so far, split between the two opposing factions, the Exile and the Dominion.

The Exile Races:

  • Human – Humans are, well, human. If you want more info on the human race, you can take a look at the nearest mirror. No, really, nothing fancy here
  • Granok – Granok’s are large, muscular mercenaries that have a soft-spot for breaking skulls. Oh, and they like beer. A lot!
  • Aurin – Forest dwellers with bunny-like ears, these seemingly harmless inhabitants of the galaxy can put up quite the fight!
  • Mordesh – If there were zombies in space, this is what they would look like. Cursed and looking for a cure, the Mordesh have no problems with serving pain.
This particular Draken looks rather hell-bent on causing pain!

The Dominion Races

  • Cassian – The Cassians are similar to humans, but seem to favor style, fashion and beauty more than their counterparts. That doesn’t mean they’re harmless!
  • Draken – Space-warriors that look a lot like the Devil, Draken favor extreme decapitations and love to look bad-ass. Which they do!
  • Chua – Pretty much space-goblins. They like to invent stuff…stuff that hurt others. And they’re good at it too!
  • Mechari – The Mechari are Wildstar’s engineered race, striving for perfection and constantly trying to increase their efficiency in killing stuff.

Wildstar developer Carbine has also promised to bring more insight on the game during the coming weeks, so if you’re eagerly anticipating a beta for the upcoming sci-fi MMORPG, keep your eyes and ears open. More about the game will be revealed soon, so make sure you check back to LoadTheGame for the latest on this highly-anticipated title.