League of Legends 4.5 patch brings new items and changes to Gragas and Rengar

Following the Ultra-Rapid-Fire mode’s release, Riot is doing some major overhauls to many of League of Legends’ champions, while adding new items and changing runes significantly. The patch logs are extensive, but we’ll be trying to narrow things down for you guys.

First, let’s talk about Gragas and how’s he’s being nerfed/buffed (depending on your vantage point). Gragas lost some of his poke by having significantly reduced range and damage on his Q and losing the mana regeneration from his W. To make up for it, Riot changed his play-style a bit, forcing Gragas to go into the fray more often. His E (Body Slam) got a significant boost to compensate, and his W now provides movement speed and increased damage on his first attack. Overall, we feel that this was a much needed change, as Gragas had extreme poking potential. Now, a correct synergy has to be used to maximize his damage output, combining melee attacks with some well-placed skill-shots.

The other League of Legends champion to get reworked significantly is Rengar. Bola Strike has a bigger impact now but has become a skill-shot, and in general, Rengar gained some team-fighting presence. There will definitely be changes required in his play-style, and it’s hard to tell whether this is more of a nerf or a buff as of yet. All signs point towards a much more team-composition-friendly Regard, but we’ll see how he adapts to the new meta. Worth mentioning are changes to Miss Fortune (weaker early-game but stronger late-game potential), Renekton (same as MF), a nerf to Lee Sin and a buff to Graves.

Moving on to items, two cheap new items have been added for supports mainly, further increasing variety in support builds. Supports in League of Legends have seen major changes in Season 4, and Riot still capitalizes on these, constantly adjusting build-options and providing additional flexibility. The new items should provide some cheap early-game mana regeneration, cooldown reduction and movement speed boosts. Make sure to check for changed recipes, as many of the items have received price and composition changes.

Last, but certainly not least, runes have received some major changes, with some popular choices being heavily nerfed. Most notably, the omnipresent flat armor seals were seriously nerfed, and the same thing goes for life-steal quintesences. On the other hand, things like Attack Speed Quints or CDR Quints have been boosted. The aim here was to provide greater diversity overall. How well this will integrate with the current meta and how things will change in the long run remains to be seen.

Outside of the patch notes, we see hints of an old League of Legends veteran champion receiving a major visual overhaul. We’re talking about the smelly rat, Twitch, who’s going to get a new character model (for all skins, obviously) and a new voice-over, which seems cool enough, but that’s entirely subjective. Riot hasn’t detailed whether or not his general skill-set will get changed drastically or not, but it seems Twitch will remain mostly unchanged.

For a full patch-note list and change-log (quite an extensive one), check out the official League of Legends website.