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Star Citizen to Use Amazon Lumberyard

Yesterday, on December 23, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) announced that their upcoming and highly anticipated space sims Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will use the Amazon Lumberyard engine. Amazon’s game engine, Lumberyard, is an impressive free AAA engine that not only allows game designers to design incredibly detailed 3D games (as shown by the immaculate ...

YouTube Gaming app announced

For about a decade, YouTube has been the world’s go to spot for finding nearly any video they want. Everything from movie clips, to music videos, or people simply acting stupid can be found on the incredibly successful website. Since it’s release, however, other companies and websites have found their own success by having more ...

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Opt in for the new YouTube player

Tired of YouTube’s plain-old video player? Then try out the new beta player that is ready for playtesting. The new player has a transparent interface, which floats above the video being played. Other improvements include scalability across different screen-sizes, making sure those watching on a 4K display won’t have to deal with a tiny user ...

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Twitch Resets Passwords After Possible Breach

According to a post on the official Twitch blog, there was a possible breach of security which allowed unauthorized access to information such as passwords, limited credit card information, email address, and other information. This Twitch breach prompted them to reset passwords and expire stream keys, as well as removing any links to your Twitter and ...

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Twitch Will Host Brand-New Gaming Convention This Fall

Twitch, the social video broadcasting platform for gamers, has announced that they will be hosting their inaugural TwitchCon, a new gaming convention, this fall. The convention will be held in the website’s host city of San Francisco at the Moscone Center from September 25 to 26. The Moscone Center is a frequent host of technology events ...

Is 2015 the Year of the Streamer? Twitch’s 2014 Statistics Point to Yes

Twitch has released its annual report, and 2014 was a big year for them. First, they were acquired by Amazon for a massive $1 billion, which equated to $970 million in cash. And now Twitch revealed that they hit an impressive milestone of 100 million unique viewers per month. The statistics keep improving, since the site also ...

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