Twitch Will Host Brand-New Gaming Convention This Fall

Twitch, the social video broadcasting platform for gamers, has announced that they will be hosting their inaugural TwitchCon, a new gaming convention, this fall. The convention will be held in the website’s host city of San Francisco at the Moscone Center from September 25 to 26. The Moscone Center is a frequent host of technology events from Apple and Google. Right now, this is nothing more than a save-the-date notification without info on how to buy tickets, the schedule, and other necessary details yet. TwitchCon is being co-produced by Twitch and ReedPOP, which is an offshoot of Reed Exhibitions that focuses on the organization of events within the area of pop culture.

There isn’t much detail on what exactly TwitchCon will entail either. Twitch is a broadcasting venue for video game players to display their run of a game to more than a 100 million community members each month. It has actually reached the title of the fourth largest website in terms of internet traffic in the United States. TwitchCon aims to bring these online connections into the real world at the two-day event. Attendees can meet each other as well as their favorite broadcasters while also experiencing new, live content and learning “how to take your Twitch game to the next level.” CEO of Twitch Emmett Shear describes TwitchCon as “an opportunity for the entire community- broadcasters, game developers, viewers, and us- to play and learn together.”

More information about TwitchCon will be revealed in the coming months. This will include3 a preliminary schedule and a call for content from the Twitch community. To stay up to date, there is now an official website for the con and an official Twitter @twitchconsf. I doubt that this convention will be a great source of information, but it will probably end up as a fun way to mingle with fellow passionate gamers.