Wii U Horror Game Bizerta: Silent Evil Gets New Screenshots

A new interview from Cubed3 contributor and indie developer Randy Freer with Ouissem M. of Edrox Interactive, the German gaming studio that is currently working on the new horror game for Wii U, has revealed more details about Bizerta: Silent Evil. Alongside this information also came some of the first screenshots for the game. Bizerta: Silent Evil was originally being developed for PlayStation Vita and PS Mobile, but it is now going to be released on Nintendo’s Wii U instead due to file size restrictions on the Sony portables. The Wii U is a console which has not yet seen many quality (or even non-quality) horror games. Beyond ZombiU, Resident Evil Revelations, and the rumors of localization for Fatal Frame 5, there’s basically nothing. Bizerta: Silent Evil should hopefully give Wii U users a new horror option.

Edrox Interactive is an extremely new indie studio started by Ouissem M. that is still in the process of being officially registered. As for Bizerta: Silent Evil, not much was revealed about the plot or gameplay as Ouissem M. believes that an essential element of the horror genre is the element of surprise. All that was said was that he wants to try and meld the genres of puzzle-based and action-oriented horror games and that there will only be one playable character.

The screenshots give a few more hints. It seems that most of the classic pieces of a horror game are all accounted for- the character, played from what seems to be a first-person point of view, finds himself somehow in a dark and mysterious mansion and must explore his surroundings with only a flashlight. The developer seems to be a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, so expert the same panic-inducing jump scares that those games are known for. As for a release date, Edrox Interactive is working to get Bizerta: Silent Evil out sometime this year, but no promises are being made yet.

Check out the screenshots for Bizerta: Silent Evil below.