Everyone is buzzing about the fashion choices in the PS5 exclusive game Stellar Blade

Sony released a demo yesterday for Nikkei: Goddess of Victory developer Shift Up’s highly anticipated console debut, PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade. Although the platform holder has now removed access to the playable teaser, it seems that it was released prematurely. However, there is plenty of footage available to give a glimpse of protagonist Eve’s outfits.

The Korean studio has promised about 30 cosmetic fashion items for the full release, with the possibility of more. With the real-life model Shin Jae-eun as the inspiration for the character’s physique, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the developer’s fashion choices.

For those who are already acquainted with Nikke, the visuals reveal a lot. A particular costume, resembling a skin-tight latex body suit, gives the illusion of being invisible. Some outfits are more subdued and casual, such as a jeans and jacket ensemble or a grid girl-inspired one-piece. Up to this point, we’ve only encountered a few of the options available in the complete game. It will be intriguing to discover the additional designs it has in store.