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Apple Announces New iPod Lineup

Yesterday, Apple unveiled new entries to its iPod line-up – the sixth generation iPod Touch, and a new iPod nano and Shuffle. The new iPod Touch will be available in a vibrant array of colours, and boasts improved specs, bringing it in-line with the iPhone 6. This means that it will feature a 8 mega-pixel ...

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Huawei and Google Partnership goes beyond Nexus devices.

Huawei and Google have been rumoured to be working together to create the latest Nexus device, a task which was previously handled by Motorola. New reports however suggest the partnership will extend beyond the Nexus brand. Huawei will potentially be involved in helping Google bring an app store to China. Google have struggled to do this ...

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The New Logitech

Eager to become “more than just a mouse and keyboard company”, Logitech have announced they will begin focusing on other product categories. Charlotte Johs, Logitech’s global VP of brand development, iterates that the company will become more of a “design-led” organisation. As part of a new-found attention to design, Logitech has hired its first ever ...

Microsoft’s Mission Statement: More Services and PC, Less Mobile

In a recent email addressing employees, provided by Geekwire, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, set out the company’s mission statement. Business and Productivity, the cloud, and more personal computing were the core tenets which the company will focus on for the future. Despite mentioning that it will concentrate on bringing many of its services across devices, ...

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Facebook’s latest app banned from EU

Facebook’s recent application, Moments, is its latest attempt at decentralising some of its core Facebook functions for a more streamlined experience for users. It allows users to share their pictures with ease, thanks to its new face recognition algorithms which should take the hassle out of tagging your friends by automatically doing it for you. ...

AMD reveals 300 series, and Fury X

AMD’s conference announced the company’s latest range of GPUs – the 300 series and the Fury series. In total, eight GPUs were announced. The R7 segment of the 300 range consists of the 360 and 370, these will be aimed towards online gamers who prioritise energy efficiency. The R9 series makes up AMD’s mid-range and ...

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Undecided on which Android phone to buy? Let Google decide

Shopping for an Android phone is wrought with a number of difficulties, do you go for the best camera, brand, or maybe the best camera? No matter where your priorities lie, Google has you covered. The new site by Google will make judgements based on what you intend to use your new phone for. If ...

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