Undecided on which Android phone to buy? Let Google decide

Shopping for an Android phone is wrought with a number of difficulties, do you go for the best camera, brand, or maybe the best camera? No matter where your priorities lie, Google has you covered.

The new site by Google will make judgements based on what you intend to use your new phone for. If you need to stay productive, or keep a handy fitness device on hand, the site will tailor its response around that prerogative. After choosing your three main priorities for the new phone, as well as additional questions for each one (and providing your network provider), you’ll be presented with suitable options. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge and HTC One M9 are the best android phones for me, thankfully the budget can be altered to suit the size of your pockets. Results display three at a time, and can take into account budget, size of the device, and whether you want only the latest phones to be displayed. At the bottom of the page, specifications for the device are given. For the Samsung Galaxy S6, it tells me that ‘Its Octa-core 64-bit processor gives you the speed and performance to load games faster,’ no doubt a tailored description due to my appreciation of some quality gaming on the go.

The site provides a quick way and easy way to sort through the endless Android delights out there, and the short time spent with it didn’t result in any odd recommendations. It did have a few quirks however. Despite recommending an LG G3, the site displayed an image of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Seems there are just a few bolts that need tightening. Overall, Google has alleviated us from the chore of sifting through endless spec sheets and reviews – and for that we’re grateful.

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