Huawei and Google Partnership goes beyond Nexus devices.

Huawei and Google have been rumoured to be working together to create the latest Nexus device, a task which was previously handled by Motorola. New reports however suggest the partnership will extend beyond the Nexus brand.

Huawei will potentially be involved in helping Google bring an app store to China. Google have struggled to do this by itself due to touch legislation. In return, Google will help market Huawei products in the West. Despite facing fierce competition from other Android competitors in the form of LG, Samsung and HTC, this partnership will allow Huawei to gain some much needed traction in the US and UK markets.

A new Android Wear watch from Huawei is also reportedly in the pipeline. It is expected to be one of the first Android powered wearables to be usable with iOS devices.

Huawei has grown significantly in recent years, and now relies more on overseas sales and services than it does on the Chinese market. It is now one of the most recognisable brands in the world, sitting at 94th – according to ranking firm interbrand.

The new Nexus phone is expected to arrive in the Autumn.
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